The Sustainable Development Charter encourages and enables organisations in Wales to become more sustainable – to make decisions that produce the best long-term outcomes for themselves and for the future of Wales.

The Sustainable Development Charter is Wales’ highest profile commitment to sustainable development. Signing the Charter is a voluntary commitment aimed at improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales.

Over 340 pioneering organisations have demonstrated their commitment to sustainable development by signing the Charter and are creating momentum for positive change.

Signatories come in all shapes and sizes and hail from a variety of sectors. They include major multinationals, key public sector organisations and high profile voluntary groups.

Our shared ambition is to make Wales a sustainable nation. To achieve this we need every organisation in Wales to recognise the importance of ethical decision-making and understand how to embed sustainability in its operations, services and products.

Becoming a sustainable nation requires the combined efforts of all organisations, communities and individuals in Wales. Collaboration will be key to our success. By working together, sharing ideas and the lessons we’ve learnt, we’ll find innovative solutions to the social, environmental and economic challenges facing Wales and have a positive effect on Welsh communities.